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Aland MapThe Aland islands (Åland in Swedish, Ahvenanmaa in Finnish) are positioned between eastern Sweden and southwestern Finland, about 65 miles east of Stockholm, Sweden. The islands were originally settled by Nordic peoples, today called Alanders.
The Aland Islands is an island nation and is the smallest province of Finland. The Aland Islands are also known as Ahvenanmaa in Finnish, which means 'Perch Land'.
The climate on the Aland Islands is usually quite mild with the coldest months being February with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees. The warmest time to visit is in July with temperatures reaching above 15 degrees.
Aland Islands is still a province of Finland with the capital being Mariehamn which is one of the Islands main ports. Off the Gulf of Bothnia the Aland Islands is situated near the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland.
The currency of the Aland Islands is the Euro. 2. How to Get to the Aland Islands - "Ferry to the Aland Islands"Public Domain ImageYou can fly to the Aland Islands in two steps.
Aland Islands Accommodation - "Metropolitan Hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland"Scandinavian HotelAccommodation on the Aland Islands is offered by good quality hotels and guesthouses.
"Kastelholm Castle, Aland Islands"Public Domain ImageIn the capital Mariehamn tourists can visit the Åland Museum, the Åland Art Museum, the Mariehamn Gallery, as well as the Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum (seafaring museum) which is my absolute favorite! 25 kilomters north-east of Mariehamn you will
Aland IslandsThe land Islands were part of the territory ceded to Russia by Sweden under the Treaty of Fredrikshamn in September 1809. As a result, along with all other parts of Finland, they became part of the semi-autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland.
Aland IslandsThe State Provincial Office on the land Islands has a somewhat different function from the other Provinces of Finland, due to its autonomy. Generally, a State Provincial Office is a joint regional authority of seven different ministries of the Government of Finland.
Aland IslandsAccording to one theory, land's original name was Germanic Ahvaland which means "Land of Water". In Swedish, this first developed into land and eventually into land, literally "river land"—even though rivers are not a prominent feature of land's geography.
treaty the Aland Islands were declared demilitarized for the future. In the 1920ies a new conflict arose between Finland and Sweden.
Since 1954 The Aland Islands have had their own flag and since 1984 their own stamps. Otherwise Finnish law and governmental policies apply also in the islands.
The nature of the Aland Islands is perhaps one of the most important reasons for visiting the islands. Spectacular variation with thousands of islands and skerries in contrast to the greens of land and the blue sea and sky are a truly unique experience.
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traditions on the Aland Islands in an exclusive manner...State authorities on the Aland Islands.12 Interestingly... 4.
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Aland Islands Travel Information = en españolen français Find travel destinations > Europe > Finland > Aland Islands Small archipelago with historical attractions and lovely seaside nature, Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden are almost a world
Climate in Aland Islands is quite humid throughout the year with warm summers and cold winters. Snowfall is regular in winter but not as heavy as in mainland Finland.
Aland Islands are an autonomous part of Finland and are situated in the Baltic Sea. Search for people in the Aland Island Phone Book ( by name and location. Directory is in Swedish only.
Aland Islands Country Information Aland Islands Country Code: 358 Capital: Mariehamn Language (most widely spoken): Swedish Electricity Type: 220/240 V, 50 Hz Currency: Euro North America & Caribbean South & Central America Europe
Aland Islands telephone book directories includes the best list of Aland Islands phone book pages available to find people or businesses.
Read more about the Aland Islands on The Aland Islands flag History The islands have an ancient history stretching back to around 4200 BC when the first inhabitants arrived.
The Aland Islands lie in the so called oak zone of Scandinavia, with relatively large elements of deciduous trees such as oak, ash, elm, maple and linden. The mild climate has contributed to an abundant flora and some southern European varieties of flowers.
The culture of the Aland Islands bears traces from many of the historical epochs the islands have been through. The island culture mixes Scandinavian traditions with own additions and amendments. The perhaps most obvious cultural heritage is linked to the islands seafaring traditions.
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Get lost in the Aland Islands' maritime historyGet lost in the Aland Islands' maritime history The Åland Islands, between Sweden and Finland, nominally belong to Finland. But to the Swedish-speaking Ålanders, such niceties are of little relevance.
Destinations : Aland Islands - Some Great Things To See On Your Vacations = By: Andrew Gibson 99 or more times read Syndicate This Article Date Submitted: 2008-06-24 09:00:09 - Article Views: 20241 The Aland archipelago, also called Finnish Ahvenanmaa
the west of the Aland Islands, which extends between the island and Sweden. Some 40km across to the east is the arm of the sea known as Skiftet.
Aland Islands is a part of the crown of Sweden for hundreds of years, just in the same with Finland. Russia got possession of the Aland islands in 1809.