Europe is a continent located on the more so on the Western hemisphere. This continent is largely responsible for what's now know as Western culture that has a much more distinctive flavor compared to the Eastern Hemisphere (mainly Asian influenced). Europe has 50 countries, and they make up a population of 733 million, which makes them third in population after Asia and Africa.

A lot of mythology comes from Europe particularly Greek and Roman. One of the most famous stories is the Trojan War that still gets talked about today, and even in mainstream media. A movie called "Troy" was released in 2004 based off the storyline. Europe is responsible for spreading the English language (the most common language used throughout the world), but Christianity. These are two of the top influences of spreading Western culture. Also, early United States was built on this European influence. One can still see the influence of early buildings on the East Coast of the United States mainly the New England area, and even the speaking style.

Europe has a very interesting landscape due to some locations particularly Southern Europe having more of a highland and mountainous feel, and other sections having a more plains, undersea kind of feel. A lot is in part to the Gulfstream given the area more water spots as well as warmer climates. Due to this, there are general areas that have a mixed forest feel. You can see the influence of man and how they affect the area for general vegetation as well as wildlife.

Europe has a very diverse sense of people, there demographics include English, Spanish, French, Polish, Irish, German, and many more. There are a great number of languages spoken in Europe, but the main ones spoken come from the Indo-European Family including Albanian, Armenian, Baltic Languages, Celtic, Germanic, and many more. Some of the more popular ones known worldwide are the Romance languages such as French, Spanish, Galician, and Italian to name a few.

The most influential part of Europe is the religion which is based on Christianity in different denominations such as Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant Churches. A lot of European art is based off religion, and you can see that in many different classic pieces. Even in early culture, religion was a big influence until the Renaissance and Reformation movements that also had a big effect on a more global scale.

List of all European countries (the continent Europe) in alphabetical order

1 Aland Islands
2 Albania
3 Andorra
4 Austria
5 Belarus
6 Belgium
7 Bosnia and Herzegovina
8 Bulgaria
9 Croatia
10 Cyprus
11 Czech Republic
12 Denmark
13 Estonia
14 Faroe Islands
15 Finland
16 France
17 Germany
18 Gibraltar
19 Greece
20 Guernsey
21 Hungary
22 Iceland
23 Ireland
24 Isle of Man
25 Italy
26 Jersey
27 Kosovo
28 Latvia
29 Liechtenstein
30 Lithuania
31 Luxembourg
32 Macedonia
33 Malta
34 Moldova
35 Monaco
36 Montenegro
37 Netherlands
38 Norway
39 Poland
40 Portugal
41 Romania
42 Russia
43 San Marino
44 Serbia
45 Serbia and Montenegro
46 Slovakia
47 Slovenia
48 Spain
49 Svalbard and Jan Mayen
50 Sweden
51 Switzerland
52 Ukraine
53 United Kingdom
54 Vatican