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Location of Croatia (green)on the European continent (dark grey) — Location of Croatia (green) on the European continent (dark grey) — Capital (and largest city) Zagreb 45°48′N 16°0′E
Tomislav was crowned in AD 925 and Croatia was elevated into the status of a kingdom. The Kingdom of Croatia retained its sovereignty for almost two centuries, reaching its peak during the rule of Kings Peter Krešimir IV and Demetrius Zvonimir.
After World War II, Croatia became a founding member of the Second Yugoslavia. On 25 June 1991, Croatia declared independence and became a sovereign state.
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Croatia (Croatian: Hrvatska) is a country situated on the Balkan and in Central Europe. It is to the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy.
Northern Croatia has a temperate continental climate whereas the central and upland regions have a mountainous climate. The entire Adriatic coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate.
Terrain: Croatia is situated between central and eastern Europe. Its terrain is diverse, containing rocky coastlines, densely wooded mountains, plains, lakes, and rolling hills. Climate: Croatia has a mixture of climates.
Croatian Party of Rights (HSP), Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS), Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS), Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU), Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB), Party of Democratic Action of Croatia (SDAH), Croatian Labor
Croatia is made up of 20 counties plus the city of Zagreb and controls 1,185 islands in the Adriatic Sea, 67 of which are inhabited.
The lands that today comprise Croatia were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the close of World War I. In 1918, the Croats, Serbs, and Slovenes formed a kingdom known after 1929 as Yugoslavia.
Although Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, it took four years of sporadic, but often bitter, fighting before occupying Serb armies were mostly cleared from Croatian lands. Under UN supervision, the last Serb-held enclave in eastern Slavonia was returned to Croatia in 1998.
April 2009, Croatia joined NATO; it is a candidate for eventual EU accession. Back to Top Geography ::Croatia Location: Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
The Croatia national football team represents Croatia in international football. The team is controlled by the Croatian Football Federation, the governing body for football in the country, and has been managed since 2006 by former player Slaven Bilić.
and Independent State of Croatia in nineteen friendly matches between 1940 and 1944. This team was dissolved in 1945 as Croatia became a constituent federal republic of SFR Yugoslavia.
matches and Croatian players played for the Yugoslavia national football team. The modern Croatian team was formed in 1990, shortly before Croatia's independence from Yugoslavia, and by 1993 had gained membership in FIFA and UEFA.
of Croatia’s 1185 islands and no Mediterranean cruise is complete without a stop in Dubrovnik. The interior landscape is as beguiling, even though less visited. Soak in a thermal spa at Istarske Toplice in Istria. Hike through pristine forests watered by mountain streams in the west.
Croatians retain a strong attachment to the land and traditions that nourished the dream of independence for so long. Even as a tide of speculators and developers wash ashore, there is a real commitment to preserving the extraordinary beauty of the coast.
* Explore Croatia starting in Dubrovnik * See Montenegro via a day trip from Dubrovnik Want more? Find recommended Croatia trips with Lonely Planet Travel Services Last updated: Jan 12, 2011
Hrvoje Kačić, distinguished Croatian expert in maritime law, gave two interviews. In the first one he describes the importance of the decision of the Badinter Comission on 7 September 1991 about factual recognition of Croatia.
of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The accompaning program included two concerts of sacral music of Croatians in B&H, with participation of original groups in fantastic national costumes from various parts of the country.
Griffons fly in Croatia above the island of Cres The Association of Small and Family Hotels gathers more than 150 members whose concept is based on high quality service and nurturing authenticity and indigenous local values.
Map of CroatiaMap of Croatia Republic of Croatia President: Ivo Josipovic (2010) Prime Minister: Jadranka Kosor (2009) Land area: 21,781 sq mi (56,414 sq km); total area: 21,831 sq mi (56,542 sq km)
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Part of Croatia is a barren, rocky region lying in the Dinaric Alps.
will contain all the information you are looking for about Croatian in the one place, just to name a few: A comprehensive Croatian-English dictionary, a database of every Croatian city, town and village in Croatia and their postcode, the latest weather from Croatia, the latest news, Croatian names, the major
If your visiting Croatia you can't go past Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik is the most magnificent and well preserved fortified city in the world, its history dates back to the 6th century. The old city is fully encapsulated by its fortified walls stretching 1940 meter's.
Croatia, many of the larger Islands are inhabited. Every Island has its own unique history and attributes.
Croatia extends from the furthest eastern edges of the Alps in the north-west to the Pannonian lowlands and the banks of the Danube in the east; its central region is covered by the Dinara mountain range, and its southern parts extend to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.
Naturist holidays were first organised in Croatia in the 1930s and one of the early pioneers was none other than Edward VIII, who visited a naturist beach on the island of Rab.
Location of Croatia Location of Croatia (orange) on the European continent (white) — Capital Zagreb 45°48′N 16°0′E Largest city capital Official languages Croatian1
Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia (Republika Hrvatska), is a strategically important country at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Central Europe. It controls most land routes from Western Europe to the Aegean Sea, and the Turkish Straits.
Croatia has been known for “ethnic cleansing,” both during the Second World War, when Serbian Chetniks drove Croats from their homes in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to create a supposedly ethnically "pure" Serb society, and during the war of independence
independence, Croatia has quickly recovered and re-emerged as a popular crowd-drawer. Blessed with a coastal location alongside the Adriatic Sea, Croatia attracts visitors from Europe and the world looking for sun-kissed beaches and historic cities.
The forefathers of Croatia's current Slav population settled in the region in the 7th century. Previously, the Illyrians, Celts and Greeks had inhabited the land. The Croats split the land between the Pannonian duchy in the north and the Dalmatian duchy in the south.
a decisive battle between Hungary and Croatia in 1097, in which the last king of Croatia was killed, King Coloman of Hungary became the country's new ruler. It would be over eight centuries before Croatia regained independence.
Croatia (Croatian: Hrvatska) is a country in Southern Europe on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy.
Map of CroatiaMap of Croatia * Dalmatia - a strip of mainland and islands between the Mediterranean and Bosnia and Herzegovina * Istria - a peninsula in the northwest, bordering Slovenia
* Central Croatia - north central highlands, location of Zagreb and the Croatian part of the Žumberak Cities - * Zagreb - the capital and largest city.
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We also can organize tours to visit Croatia, we are sure that you will love Croatia Tourism. Dubrovnik Tourist Guide Dubrovnik is one of most prominent travel destination on the Adriatic, big seaport and centre of Dubrovnik – Neretva county.
From April through September Croatia travel is extremely popular. Those enjoying Croatia holidays at this time of year will benefit from warm, sunny skies though in Croatia beaches at this time of year aren’t the best for swimming as the water is cold.
There are both advantages and disadvantages to Croatia tours at this time of year. In Croatia beaches are best visited ain the summer months when the water is warmer and you’re pretty much guaranteed sublime weather.
and many things to do daytime and in the evening, Croatia is enjoying a flourishing revival in tourism and a reputation as a hot spot full of history, excitement and plenty of places to sit back and take life as it comes.
: official web sites of Croatia, addresses of Croatian and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides with travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Croatia.
Croatia shares a sea border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea.
Republic of Croatia, Socialist Republic of Croatia. ISO Country Code: hr Time: Time Zone: Local Time = UTC +1h Actual Time: Thu-June-30 11:19 Country Calling Code: +385 Capital City: Zagreb (pop.
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COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Croatia is a well-developed nation under a parliamentary democracy and is in the process of accession to the European Union (EU). Facilities for tourism are available throughout the country, and the Adriatic coast is a popular tourist destination.
Department of State's Background Notes on Croatia for additional information. Back to Top SMARTTRAVELER ENROLLMENT PROGRAM (STEP) / EMBASSY LOCATION: If you are going to live in or visit Croatia, please take the time to tell our embassy about your trip.
regions of Croatia-Slavonia (located in the upper arm of the country), Istria (centred on the Istrian Peninsula on the northern Adriatic coast), and Dalmatia (corresponding to the coastal strip).
The upper arm of the Croatian crescent is bordered on the east by the Vojvodina region of Serbia and on the north by Hungary and Slovenia. The body of the crescent forms a long coastal strip along the Adriatic Sea, and the southern tip touches on Montenegro.
Croatia is composed of three major geographic regions. In the north and northeast, running the full length of the upper arm of the Croatian crescent, are the Pannonian and para-Pannonian plains.
Known for their high quality, Croatian wines were awarded with as many as eight golden, five silver, and 11 bronze medals, as well as with three recommendations. ...
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identity, perhaps it’s not a big surprise that Croatia is at the very height of fashionable European tourism in the 21st century. The cruises and beach holidays all target the coastal town of Dubrovnik.
taste of even more ancient Croatian history is up for grabs at Pula, where a mammoth Roman amphitheatre, columned temples and middle-aged chapels nestle in amongst the snaking streets of a city drenched in history.
The ‘in the know’ have Croatia marked down as the highlight of the Mediterranean, with exceptional scenery, blistering beaches and a varied history to soak up. It’s a sparkling relative newcomer to the European travel scene, and an utterly unmissable one.
Map of Croatia CLICK FOR INTERACTIVE MAP Dubrovnik 2020,4252,164 Split 1091,2274,122 Zagreb
27 Reviews Beauty of the waterfall, the biggest in Croatia is beyond words. Veliki slap, or the big waterfall is 78 m high, born from Plitvice stream which by the foot of the rock wall where its waters ends...
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Croatia Tourist Information = Europe Balkans CroatiaCroatia Croatia is a country in the Balkans on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy.
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