90,812 people


Saint Helier



Map of Jersey

Area in square kilometers

116 km2
Location of Jersey (Dark Green) Location of Jersey (Dark Green) Capital (and largest city) Saint Helier 49°11.401′N 2°06.600′W / 49.190017°N 2.11°W / 49.190017; -2.
Jersey’s Resident Population 2007 2 Rank based on population density of Channel Islands including Guernsey. 3 The States of Jersey issue their own sterling notes and coins (see Jersey pound).
Jersey is a separate possession of the Crown and is not part of the United Kingdom.
Jersey is an island of opposites, a small island with a big personality. Choose from action-packed short breaks to long, lazy summer holidays.
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Though Jersey is only 91 sq. km (35 sq.
between high and low tides, Jersey has a broad intertidal zone, rich with shorebirds and sea creatures. The coastal path that circles the island is essential for bird-watchers, from the gulls of the northern cliffs to the skylarks, sand martins, and lapwings of St Ouen's Bay.
And let's not forget Jersey's namesake dairy cows, which you'll see grazing on pasturelands all across the interior. In the heart of St. Lawrence, Hamptonne Country Life Museum (La Rue de la Patente (☎ 44/1534/633374; www.jerseyheritage.
often Jersey Any of a breed of fawn-colored dairy cattle developed on the island of Jersey and producing milk that is rich in butterfat.
Jersey is the island in the English Channel. Jersey also may refer to: Other places: * Jersey, Arkansas, U.S. unincorporated community * Jersey, Georgia, U.S.
* Jersey or jersey, individual of Jersey cattle Other: * Jersey, English peerage title Earl of Jersey * HMS Jersey, several ships * Jersey (band), a Canadian ska punk band
Jersey The largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. It was annexed by the Normans in 933, and French influence has persisted since autonomy was granted in 1204. - jer·sey (jûrz)n. pl. jer·seys1. a.
Jersey Any of a breed of fawn-colored dairy cattle developed on the island of Jersey and producing milk that is rich in butterfat. - - jersey n1.
bailiwick of Jersey; colonized from Normandy in the 11th century and still officially French-speaking; noted for finance, market gardening, dairy farming, and tourism. Capital: St Helier. Pop.: 89 400 (2001 est.). Area: 116 sq. km (45 sq. miles)2.
com/Jersey-Hotels Jersey Definition Find Definitions For Any Word.Get Your Free Toolbar. Ads jer·sey - jersey pronunciation /ˈdʒɜr zi/ Show Spelled Show IPA –noun, plural -seys.1.
the island of Jersey, producing milk with a high butterfat content.
jersey pronunciation /ˈdʒɜr zi/ Show Spelled Show IPA –noun 1.a British island in the English Channel: the largest of the Channel Islands. 79,342; 44 sq. mi. (116 sq. km). Capital: St. Helier.2.Informal. New Jersey.
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The island of Jersey is the largest and southernmost of the British Channel Islands. It lies in the English Channel, northwest of France. The Bailiwick of Jersey is a self-governing British crown dependency and is not administered by the United Kingdom.
story of Jersey, which, along with the other Channel Islands, was the only part of Britain to be occupied by Germany during the war. £10.50. edit Geography Temperate, with mild winters and cool summers.
Jersey Airport (IATA: JER) (ICAO: EGJJ) - in the parish of St. Peter. Air France, Flybe, British Airways, and Aurigny Airlines offer regular flights from London airports and other UK mainland airports. Aer Lingus offers regular flights from Dublin, Ireland.
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Jersey is the largest of a group of islands known as the Channel Islands, located between England and France.
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The Bailiwick of Jersey (Jèrriais: Jèrri) is a British Crown dependency off the coast of Normandy, France. The Bailiwick includes the uninhabited islands of the Minquiers, Écréhous, the Pierres de Lecq, and other rocks and reefs.
However, Jersey is not part of the UK, nor the European Union, but is a separate possession of the Crown, comparable to the Isle of Man. Jersey belongs to the Common Travel Area.
Jersey is an island measuring 46 square miles (118.2 square kilometers), including reclaimed land and intertidal zone, which is about 0.7 times the size of Washington, DC in the United States.
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Jersey, one of the Channel IslandsFirst Known Use: 1587 Rhymes with JERSEY - furzy, Jersey, kersey, Mersey - Learn more about "jersey" and related topics at Britannica.
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Jersey Weathermaxmin sunny intervalsThursday 30/06/2011 12°C 19°C sunnyFriday 01/07/2011 11°C 20°C sunnySaturday 02/07/2011 13°C 21°C Weather Graphic Cheap Flights to Jersey & the Channel Islands Cheap Flights to Jersey & the Channel Islands
English as its official language, Jersey is reassuringly familiar, yet enchantingly different. Be captivated by the island's natural beauty and unspoilt beaches. Discover history at every turn and enjoy the cosmopolitan food scene.
For more ideas on things to do in Jersey pick the type of holiday you are looking for, or visit our Jersey & the Channel Islands Destination Guide for additional information. Tours & Activities in Jersey with Transfers in Jersey with Jet2.
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A British Crown dependency off the coast of France, Jersey is influenced by both countries. Follow the cliff path along the north coast to the secluded fishing village of Rozel Bay. Or explore medieval Mont Orgueil castle, towering over the harbour of Gorey on the east coast.
Visit the Jersey Museum to see a recreation of a 250,000-year-old archaeological site. Then call into the Occupation Tapestry Gallery to learn about German-occupied Jersey during the Second World War. Go even further back in time at St Helier's Norman Town Church.
You can unravel Jersey's past by exploring the Napoleonic defences of Greve de Lecq on the north coast. Or head inland to visit the vineyards of La Mare, Jersey's only wine estate.
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jersey definition Hear it! - jer·sey (jʉr′zē) noun pl. jerseys -·seys 1. a soft, elastic, knitted cloth 2.
used of worsted garments made in Jersey of locally produced wool Jer·sey (jʉr′zē) noun pl.
often Jersey Any of a breed of fawn-colored dairy cattle developed on the island of Jersey and producing milk that is rich in butterfat. Origin: After Jersey.
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