678,000 people





Area in square kilometers

14,026 km2
Location of Montenegro (Green)on the European continent (Dark Grey) — Location of Montenegro (Green) on the European continent (Dark Grey) — Capital (and largest city) Grb Podgorice2.
1 The traditional old capital of Montenegro is Cetinje. 2 Majority speaks Serbian. 3 Adopted unilaterally; Montenegro is not a formal member of the Eurozone.
Montenegro declared independence on 3 June of that year. Montenegro is classified by the World Bank as a middle-income country.
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Montenegro, the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many ways is situated in the south of the Adriatic.
Montenegro The Old Town of Kotor lay in the shadows of the fearsome St.
com_city/bar/h/bar (3) Bar, Montenegro In the 9th century, Bar was known as Antivari/Antibari and remained under the same name, despite a change of rulership when duke Vojislav of Zeta
Rafailovici, Montenegro Until recently, Bečići was referred to as a small village as it is separated from the main area in Budva by the narrow peninsula known as Zavala.
Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora, Црна Гора) is a country in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south.
in the region, tourism in Montenegro has begun to recover, and Montenegro is being re-discovered by tourists from around the globe. In 2007, the country received peak level of tourism which almost reached pre-war volumes.
Montenegro's mountainous regions receive some of the highest amounts of rainfall in Europe. In the northern mountains, snow is present throughout the spring.
The people of Montenegro voted for independence from Serbia in a referendum on May 21, 2006. Montenegro is now a sovereign state, a member of the United Nations, and recognized internationally by all major states in the world.
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Montenegro then joined the newly formed Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, which became Yugoslavia after 1929. In 1991, four of the six Yugoslav republics declared independence, leaving Montenegro and Serbia as the sole constituents of a reorganized federal republic.
Serbia and Montenegro in 2003 and dissolved the union altogether in 2006. Podgorica is the capital and largest city. Population: 685,000. Montenegrin Mon'te·neg'rin (-rĭn) adj. & n.
Montenegro is a multiparty republic with one legislative house; the head of state is the president, and the head of government is the prime minister. Under the Roman Empire the region was part of the province of Illyricum.
Democratic League in Montenegro (DSCG), Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Democratic Party of Unity, Democratic Serbian Party (DSS), Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA), Democratic Union of Muslims-Bosniaks, FORCA, Green Party of Montenegro, Homeland Serbian Party, Liberal Party (LP), Montenegrin Communists, Movement for Change
Party of Pensioners and Invalids of Montenegro, Party of Serbian Radicals (SSR), Party of Serbian Unity (SSJ), People’s Party of Montenegro (NS), People's Socialist Party (NSS), Serbian National List, Social Democratic Party (SDP), and Socialist People’s Party (SNP). Suffrage: Universal at 18.
Montenegro resisted the rule of the Ottoman Turks, maintaining its independence and playing off its powerful neighbors against each other.
Location of Montenegro Location of Montenegro (orange) on the European continent (white) — Capital Podgorica 42°47′N 19°28′E Largest city capital Official languages Serbian
Montenegro is not a formal member of the Eurozone. 3 .me should come into use in 2007, while .yu is a holdover from Serbia and Montenegro which is still in use for Montenegrin subdomains .
Montenegro avoided the ethnic strife that tore other areas of the Balkans apart in the 1990s, arguably because of greater ethnic, religious, and linguistic homogeneity, and because Montenegro remained united with Serbia during the 1990s wars.
official web sites of Montenegro, addresses of Montenegrin and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, local news, city- and country guides with extensive travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more.
Unlike other countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro was able to maintain its independence from the Ottoman Empire.
The Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro (in Serbo-Croatian). Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro Official website of the ministry.
Location of Montenegro Location of Montenegro (orange) on the European continent (white) — Capital (and largest city) Podgorica1 Official languages Montenegrin2 Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian
1 The traditional old capital of Montenegro is Cetinje. 2 considered commonly as the Ijekavian dialect of the Serbian language. 3 Adopted unilaterally; Montenegro is not a formal member of the Eurozone. 4 .me became active in September 2007. Suffix .
Montenegro's native name, Crna Gora, is mentioned for the first time in 1296 by Serbian King Stefan Uroš I in his edicts to the Serbian Orthodox Zeta Episcopate seat at the Vranjina island in Lake Skadar.
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diplomatic or consular post of Montenegro in a foreign country. In countries where Montenegro has no diplomatic or consular post, Montenegrin visa applications may be submitted to the Serbian diplomatic or consular post.
citizen who need visa for enter in Montenegro, here you can find where you can take visa (full address and contacts) Country list and Visa Regimes.
Montenegro is coming out from its Yugoslav shadow and beginning to be admired for the beauty it is. No longer should visitors think they will fall off the edge of the world if they journey east beyond Dubrovnik.
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When Montenegro declared its independence from Serbia, it took with it all of the confederation’s coastline. Set along the Adriatic Sea, the beaches are a main attraction, but southern Europe's only fjord is perhaps more iconic of Montenegrin tourism.
The first recorded settlers of present-day Montenegro were the Docleata, a tribe belonging to the Illyrians. In 9 A.D. the Romans conquered the region.
In the 16th century Montenegro developed a form of special and unique autonomy within the Ottoman Empire.
The use of the name Montenegro began in the 15th century when the Crnojevic dynasty began to rule the Serbian principality of Zeta; over subsequent centuries Montenegro was able to maintain its independence from the Ottoman Empire.
Montenegro was absorbed by the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, which became the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929; at the conclusion of World War II, it became a constituent republic of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Montenegro federated with Serbia, first as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and, after 2003, in a looser union of Serbia and Montenegro. In May 2006, Montenegro invoked its right under the Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro to hold a referendum on independence from the state union.
NEWS: Ambassador to Montenegro: Who is Sue Brown? Political Asylum Seeker Faces Deportation for being 40 Minutes Late…15 Years Ago Montenegro Bookmark and ShareNews Overview Montenegro was part of the former Yugoslavia at one time.
Montenegro’s borders and led it toward independence in 1878. Italy occupied the country during World War II, and Montenegro adopted socialism as part of Yugoslavia during the Cold War.
involved in the war in Bosnia, Montenegro remained largely out of the conflict. The Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro became the dominant political force in the country throughout the 1990s.
Montenegro is defined as a "Civic, democratic, ecological and state of social justice, based on the reign of Law". Contents at a Glance 1. Montenegro 2.
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Montenegro (Montenegrin/Serbian: Crna Gora, Albanian: Mali i Zi) is a country located in Southeastern Europe.
Montenegro in its own way. But they all must agree that its beauty cannot be ignored. After the Balkan wars Montenegro started slowly on an accelerating page to rebuild itself as the tourist destination it had been for decades.
Montenegro has to offer. From its world recognized monuments to its astonishing national parks, from its national heroes to its national instruments, from pictures to Montenegro wallpapers.
Montenegro : The City Kotor, the most southern town in the Boka Kotorska. Montenegro in a nutshell... - Montenegro for its size is a country of quite an amazing diversity. Roughly Montenegro can be divided into three regions.
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Montenegrin cuisine is a result of Montenegro's geographic position and its long history.
Homemade bread style prepared in Montenegro is closest to what is known in Italy as Pane di Casa. It is served with every meal.
of Montenegro, can be found in almost every home. Dairy products * Kiśelo mlijeko - buttermilk. * Jogurt - yoghurt. * Povlaka - homemade sour cream.
Montenegro is a candidate country.
Montenegro from the World Health Organization (WHO). * WHO/Europe Official site of the World Health Organization Europe (WHO/Europe).
Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).
Montenegro eller Pärlor och Svin) is a Swedish black comedy film by Yugoslav director Dušan Makavejev.
Montenegro (Svetozar Cvetkovic) who works in a zoo. After spending the night with Montenegro, Marilyn realizes that even though she adores this world, she is a stranger in it. Completely snapping upon this realization, she kills the young man and returns home.
Montenegro was nominated for the Golden Palm Award at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival. References - 1. ^ "Festival de Cannes: Montenegro".
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