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Location of Romania (dark green)– on the European continent (green & dark grey)– in the European Union (green) — Location of Romania (dark green) – on the European continent (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green) —
Romanian: România ( listen)) is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea.
At 238,391 square kilometers (92,043 sq mi), Romania is the ninth largest country of the European Union by area, and has the seventh largest population of the European Union with 21.5 million people.
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* Romania in the Press * REGIONS & CITIES * Historical Regions * Transylvania
Romania - Main Image - Carpathian Mountains Hiking in Retezat National Park Extraordinary passes, gorges, cavernous limestone caves and sinkholes can be found on the southeastern corner of the park. At altitudes above 6,000 ft.
Democrata Maghiara din Romania-UDMR); National Union for the Advancement of Romania (Uniunea Nationala pentru Progresul Romaniei-UNPR); Conservative Party (Partidul Conservator-PC). Suffrage: Universal from age 18. Defense (2010): 1.4% of GDP. Economy GDP (2010): $162 billion.
), Romania occupies the greater part of the lower basin of the Danube River system and the hilly eastern regions of the middle Danube basin.
Romania's location gives it a continental climate, particularly in Moldavia and Wallachia (geographic areas east of the Carpathians and south of the Transylvanian Alps, respectively) and to a lesser extent in centrally located Transylvania, where the climate is more moderate.
Romania Marks 70th Anniversary Of Jewish World War II Pogroms = Jewish Cemetery Romania 06/28/11 09:14 AM ET AP React Important Fascinating Typical Scary Outrageous
BUCHAREST, Romania - The president of Romania says his compatriots need to take responsibility for their "serious mistakes of the past," such as the pogroms during World War II.
Romania's prime minister from 1940 to 1944 and was executed by the communists in 1946. About 6,000 Jews live in Romania today.
Blue: region where Romanian is the dominant language. Green: areas with a notable minority of Romanian speakers. Note: This page may contain IPA phonetic symbols in Unicode.
"in Romanian") is a Romance language spoken by around 24 to 28 million people, primarily in Romania and Moldova.
Main articles: History of Romanian language and Origin of the Romanians The Dacian people were the ancient inhabitants of Romanian territory. They were defeated by the Romans in 106, and part of Dacia (Oltenia, Banat, and Transylvania) became a Roman province.
Map of RomaniaMap of Romania President: Traian Basescu (2007) Prime Minister: Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (2004) Land area: 88,934 sq mi (230,339 sq km); total area: 91,699 sq mi (237,500 sq km) Population (2010 est.
Romania Main Page 2. Attempting Post-Communist Government 3. Government in Turmoil Geography = Romania is in southeast Europe and is slightly smaller than Oregon.
Most of Romania was the Roman province of Dacia from about A.D. 100 to 271. From the 3rd to the 12th century, wave after wave of barbarian conquerors overran the native Daco-Roman population.
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — The president of Romania says his compatriots need to take responsibility for their "serious mistakes of the past," such as the pogroms during World War II.
Romanian President Traian Basescu addresses the parliament in Bucharest Romanian President Traian Basescu addresses … 3. WWII anti-Jewish pogrom commemorated in RomaniaPlay Video WWII anti-Jewish pogrom commemorated … 4.
Greek President Karolos Papoulias has arrived in Romania for a two-day visit and … Full Story »Greek President visits Romania AP via Yahoo! News Today on Yahoo! -
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Romania, The instrumental version of the national anthem of Romania.Country, northeastern Balkan Peninsula, southeastern Europe. Area: 92,043 sq mi (238,391 sq km). Population: (2010 est.) 21,444,000. Capital: Bucharest. Most of the people are Romanian; a minority are Hungarian. Language: Romanian (official).
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and events to watch which may affect Romanian financial markets on Wednesday. INTEREST RATES Romania's central bank holds an interest rate setting meeting and analysts widely expect it to leave rates unchanged at a record low of 6.
Romania will meet representatives of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group next week to discuss adding two more units to its only nuclear power plant, an official was quoted as saying.
chance to try to lead Romania out of its economic woes.
Romania Shrugs Off Reminder of Its Past By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN The son of Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu has won a lawsuit to get back artworks that belonged to the family before Romania’s revolution in 1989.
The president of Romania says his compatriots need to take responsibility for their "serious mistakes of the past," such as the pogroms during World War II.
In 1940, Romania allied with the Axis powers and participated in the 1941 German invasion of the USSR. Three years later, overrun by the Soviets, Romania signed an armistice.
Romania joined NATO in 2004 and the EU in 2007. Back to Top Geography ::Romania Location: Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
blue), which united in 1862 to form Romania; the national coat of arms that used to be centered in the yellow band has been removednote: now similar to the flag of Chad, whose blue band is darker; also resembles the flags of Andorra and Moldova National anthem:
Romanian president launches attack on ex king Romania's president has launched a stinging attack on the country's former ruler, King Michael, accusing him of being responsible for the Holocaust in Romania, and calling
Romania (România) is a country located north of the Balkan Peninsula on the western shores of the Black Sea. It is a country of great natural beauty and diversity and a rich cultural heritage.
Things for which Romania is famous include: the Carpathian mountains, Constantin Brancusi, wine, medieval fortresses, Mircea Eliade, the electronic microscope, Dacia cars, Dracula, insulin, E. M.
In ancient times the territory of present day Romania was inhabited mainly by Dacian tribes, which were a remarkable, although not very well known, culture.
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Romania had a centrally planned economy that was transformed from an agricultural into an industrial economy. From 1991 the postcommunist government began returning industrial and commercial enterprises to the private sector.
Romania was formed in 1859 by the de facto unification of Moldavia and Walachia (for earlier history, see Dacia). During World War I it sided with the Allies and doubled its territory in 1918 with the addition of Transylvania, Bukovina, and Bessarabia.
Romania is a country in Europe. Romania borders ► Hungary and ► Serbia (with ► Vojvodina) to the west, ► Ukraine and ► Moldova to the northeast, and ► Bulgaria to the south.
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Map of Romania in Romanian Ro-terkep.png Same map in Hungarian Romania-relief.png Relief map of Romania Physical map of Romania.jpg Physical map ROMANIA Fizic.
IAF to return to Romania for training in August = By YAAKOV KATZ 06/15/2011 03:32 Air Force interested in holding joint maneuvers in Carpathian Mountains, terrain Israeli pilots do not get to frequently train in.
Talkbacks (2) The Israel Air Force will return to Romania for joint maneuvers later this summer, a year after six of its servicemen were killed in a helicopter crash in the Carpathian Mountains.
Romania later this year for a joint memorial service for the servicemen.
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(BUCHAREST) - Romanian president Traian Basescu on Monday urged lawmakers to limit their criminal immunity in a bid to fight corruption.
Romania Mark Gitenstein, who said it "thwarted efforts by the authorities ... to strengthen the administration of justice in the fight against corruption.
Romania: Financial Position in the Fund Transactions with the Fund IMF Resident Representative Office in Romania You may contact us about Romania and the IMF at ROUContact@imf.
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