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41,290 km2
Location of Switzerland (green)on the European continent (dark grey) — Location of Switzerland (green) on the European continent (dark grey) — Capital Bern (de facto) 46°57′N 7°27′E / 46.95°N 7.
Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura, spanning an area of 41,285 km2 (15,940 sq mi). While the Alps occupy the greater part of the territory, the Swiss population of approximately 7.
Switzerland is also the birthplace of the Red Cross and home to a large number of international organizations, including the second largest UN office.
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Switzerland has cold, cloudy, rainy/snowy winters and cool to warm, cloudy, humid summers with occasional showers.
Switzerland's independence and neutrality have long been honored by the major European powers and Switzerland was not involved in either of the two World Wars.
Switzerland remains active in many UN and international organizations, but retains a strong commitment to neutrality. Switzerland showcases three of Europe's most distinct cultures.
Switzerland later adopted a federal constitution (1848) and maintained a policy of neutrality through both World Wars. Bern is the capital and Zurich the largest city. Population: 7,550,000.
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diverse ethnic groups, religions, and languages, Switzerland has maintained the world's oldest democracy for some 700 years. It is a federal state with two legislative houses; its head of state and government is the president of the Federal Council.
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Switzerland sits at the crossroads of several major European cultures, which have heavily influenced the country's languages and cultural practices.
Switzerland was 7,785,806 at year-end 2009 (up from 7,701,900 in 2008), of which 22% were resident foreigners. The majority of this growth was attributable to net immigration, largely from the European Union (EU).
Switzerland's 12 universities enrolled 126,940 students in the academic year of 2009-2010, of which roughly 26% were foreigners. In addition, another 69,676 persons were studying at technical colleges and 3,604 were in other forms of higher education (e.g., specialized training academies).
Map of SwitzerlandMap of Switzerland President: Doris Leuthard (2010) Land area: 15,355 sq mi (39,769 sq km); total area: 15,942 sq mi (41,290 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 7,623,438 (growth rate: 0.3%); birth rate: 9.
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Most of Switzerland is composed of a mountainous plateau bordered by the great bulk of the Alps on the south and by the Jura Mountains on the northwest.
Switzerland is where people first skied for fun. Illustrious names evoke all the romance and glamorous drama of the mountain high life: Zermatt, St Moritz, Interlaken, Gstaad, the Jungfrau, Verbier and more.
official name of Switzerland is Confoederatio Helvetica. This is Latin and is not often used except for state documents but it shows that Switzerland is a confederation of even smaller states. Switzerland is known for its neutrality.
Switzerland has been neutral for more than 190 years. Many international organizations are in Switzerland. The United Nations has a main office (but not its headquarters) in Geneva. Its predecessor organization, the League of Nations, was headquartered in Geneva.
The capital of Switzerland is Bern. The largest city of Switzerland is Zürich. To the north of Switzerland is Germany. East of Switzerland are Austria and Liechtenstein. To the south of Switzerland is Italy. To the west of Switzerland is France.
Switzerland is a country as famous for its pocket knives as it is for its chocolate. But to travellers, Swiss fame is largely focused on its Alpine landscape.
Switzerland, which were found at Gächlingen, have been dated to around 5300 BC. Remains of Bronze Age pile dwellings from as early as 3800 BC have been found in the shallow areas of many lakes.
eastward, enveloping Switzerland in their battles against Austria. In 1798 Switzerland was completely overrun by the French and became the united Helvetic Republic, effectively abolishing the cantons.
Switzerland's role in many UN and international organizations, has strengthened Switzerland's ties with its neighbors. However, the country did not officially become a UN member until 2002.
Switzerland is a peaceful, prosperous, and modern market economy with low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and a per capita GDP among the highest in the world.
financial crisis and resulting economic downturn put Switzerland in a recession in 2009 as global export demand stalled. The Swiss National Bank during this period effectively implemented a zero-interest rate policy in a bid to boost the economy and prevent appreciation of the franc.
Switzerland is one of t… read morehose places that you simply have to go back to over and over to experience fully.
capital of Switzerland at Interlaken, to the mountain resorts at Zermatt and the mighty Matterhorn, or the Swiss wine country near Lausanne, or the throbbing nightlife of Zurich, Switzerland has literally dozens of opportunities just waiting for the adventurous soul.
Choosing what to do in Switzerland means deciding what time of year you want to come. Summertime is best reserved for such activities as hiking, camping, and enjoying the temperate weather, the beer festivals, the wine tastings, and the great outdoors.
Switzerland, addresses of Swiss and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides providing extensive travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Switzerland.
Today Switzerland is a federal state in Central Europe. It is bordered by Germany, to the north, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein, to the east, Italy, to the south and France, to the west.
the major European powers and Switzerland was not involved in either of the two World Wars.
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Switzerland, The instrumental version of the national anthem of Switzerland.Country, central Europe. Area: 15,940 sq mi (41,285 sq km). Population: (2010 est.) 7,807,000. Capitals: Bern (administrative), Lausanne (judicial). The population is German, French, and Italian.
Switzerland is divided into three regions: the meadow-covered Jura Mountains; the central Mittelland, a rich agricultural and urbanized area; and the lofty crags of the Alps.
Location of Switzerland Location of Switzerland (orange) on the European continent (white) Capital Berne (federal capital) 46°57′N 7°27′E / 46.95, 7.
Switzerland is bordered by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is multilingual—it has three official languages: German, French and Italian, while a fourth national language, Romansh, is official only for communicating with persons of Romansh language.
Switzerland has had a long history of being neutral (it has not been in a foreign war since 1815) and therefore hosts various international organizations, such as the United Nations, which, though headquartered in New York City, has many departments in Switzerland.
overall, regions in Switzerland are faring well but there is room for improvement in regional labour productivity growth.
Switzerland and Austria, covering the full range of OECD activities, from the sales of publications, to inquiries from the media, to liaison with governments, parliaments, business, labour and ...
This document sets out when Switzerland joined the OECD, what its permanent delegation does, and the benefits of OECD membership.
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Switzerland has played it safe politically, but it’s the safety game that has helped the country become one of the top cultural, financial and safest destinations in the world.
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switzerland pronunciation /ˈswɪt sər lənd/ Show Spelled Show IPA –noun a republic in central europe. 7,248,984; 15,944 sq. mi. (41,294 sq. km). Capital: Bern. Use switzerland in a SentenceSee images of switzerlandSearch switzerland on the WebFrench, Suisse. German, Schweiz. Italian, Svizzera.
Switzerland definition Republic in central Europe, bordered by France to the west, Germany to the north, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east, and Italy to the east and south. Its capital is Bern, and its largest city is Zurich.
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Location of Switzerland Location of Switzerland (orange) on the European continent (white) Capital Berne Largest city Zürich Official languages German, French,
Switzerland is a federal republic consisting of 26 states called cantons. Berne is the seat of the federal authorities, while the country's economic centres are its two global cities, Geneva and especially Zürich.
Switzerland has a long history of neutrality — it has not been at war since 1815 — and hosts many international organizations, including the Red Cross, the World Trade Organization and one of the U.N.'s two European offices.