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vatican pronunciation /ˈvæt ɪ kən/ Show Spelled Show IPA –noun 1.Also called Vatican Palace. the chief residence of the popes in Vatican City, now also including a library, archives, art museum, apartments, and administrative offices.2.
See: Vatican City#Military and police and List of countries without armed forces Relationship with the Vatican City and other territories - Although the Holy See is closely associated with the Vatican City, the
See is not the same entity as the Vatican City State, which came into existence only in 1929, while the Holy See, the episcopal see of Rome, dates back to early Christian times.
Vatican City as the "capital" of the Holy See, although it compares the legal personality of the Holy See to that of the Crown in Christian monarchies and declares that the Holy See and the state of Vatican City are two international identities.
Location of Vatican City (green)on the European continent (dark grey) — Location of Vatican City (green) on the European continent (dark grey) — Capital Vatican City 41°54.2′N 12°27.2′E / 41.9033°N 12.
Vatican City (Listeni /ˈvætɨkən ˈsɪti/) or Vatican City State, in Italian officially Stato della Città del Vaticano (pronounced ), which translates as State of the Vatican City, is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, Italy.
Vatican City was established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty, signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Gasparri, on behalf of the Holy See and by Prime Minister Benito Mussolini on behalf of the Kingdom of Italy.
Form of government The Vatican is a theocratic monarchy. The head of state is the pope of Rome, the head of the Catholic Church.
Pacts, under which the Vatican state was established, its present limits defined, and the Holy See was recognized as having full international sovereignty. The economy of the state is based on income from capital investments and offerings.
The Vatican’s capital is concentrated mainly in Italy. It has interests in various concerns for the production of electricity, rubber, chemicals, and so forth.
Seminar for Teachers ANISA - Vatican Museums which takes place 11-12 April in the Vatican Museums... * Tickets Online Avoid the queue by booking your admission ticket or guided tour.
The Vatican Museums are dedicating an area in which films, images and vintage equipment belonging to the Vatican Radio are being exhibited.
The Vatican Radio is eighty years old! On 12 February 1931 the Papal radio station broadcasts for the first time a speech in Latin by Pope Pius XI.
the Vatican on May 21. Do you like this story? Choose your reason below and click on the Submit button. This will alert our... Bishop Dabre to bless Sainikwadi church to be consecrated on Saturday TOI ...
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announcing the start of a Vatican news information portal.
Pope's first tweet marks Vatican social media revolution More at Blogrunner » Catholic church A list of resources from around the Web about Catholic church as selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times.
The Vatican has turned down an appeal from the Rev. Fernando Karadima, who had been found guilty of sexually abusing minors and young men while he headed a parish in Santiago.
Vatican postpones action on Irish sex abuse probe | VATICAN CITY - The Vatican has released the long-awaited results of its investigation into the Irish church following devastating revelations of clerical sex abuse and coverup, but has delayed takin...
| VATICAN CITY - The Vatican has invited AIDS experts from around the world to a two-day symposium on preventing HIV and caring for people with the virus, just months aft...
of Rome in Italy, the Vatican is the world's smallest state. Outside the Vatican City itself, 13 buildings in Rome and Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer residence, also enjoy extraterritorial rights. On April 19, 2005, Josef Cardinal Ratzinger was elected as Pope Benedict XVI.
Roman neighborhoods of the Vaticano, Prati, and Monte Mario, this small slice of the city is packed with more history and artwork than most cities in the world.
state of Vatican City and granted Roman Catholicism special status in Italy. On 11 February 1929, three treaties were signed with Italy which, among other things, recognized the full sovereignty of the Vatican and established its territorial extent.
* Christianity - Vatican: see of bishop of Rome; city-state serving as headquarters of Roman Catholic Church * Structures and Institutions - Vatican: Holy See of the pope; city-state serving as headquarters of Roman Catholic Church
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Vatican, at Rome in classical times, an outlying district on the west bank of the river Tiber on the Vatican hill, north-west of the ancient city. (The hill was not one of the seven hills of Rome.
He appoints the members of the Vatican's government organs, which are separate from those of the Holy See, the name given to the government of the Roman Catholic Church. The many imposing buildings include St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Palace, and the Vatican Museums.
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The Vatican Library contains a priceless collection of manuscripts from the pre-Christian and Christian eras. The pope and other representatives of the papal state travel widely to maintain international relations. For more information on Vatican City, visit
origin of the name Vaticanus is uncertain; some claim that the name comes from a vanished Etruscan town called Vaticum.
Research the word Vatican in many Latin - English / English - Latin dictionaries, or encyclopedias, and you will likely find that Vatican City and St.
Vatican was derived from the word vaticinia, or prophecies, in his Attic Nights, book 16, chapter 17. Source: The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius, translated into English by the Rev.
Vatican prepares document on clergy-laity relationship Sources denied an Italian report that the document will issue instructions on the reorganization of U.S. dioceses that face financial pressures in the wake of the sex abuse scandals - in particular regarding parish closings.
Vatican report on child protection for UN to be ready in autumn A United Nations-mandated report on compliance with international obligations regarding the protection and rights of children will be ready for submission this autumn, a Vatican diplomat said.
Vatican to launch web portal that streamlines print, TV, online news Pope Benedict XVI himself will give a cyber spark of life to a new Internet portal that gathers all Vatican news into one multimedia website, officials from the Vatican's communications office announced.
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Cardinal Walter Kasper, Prefect of Vatican Council for Promoting Christian Unity: “… today we no longer understand ecumenism in the sense of a return, by which the others would ‘be converted’ and return to being Catholics. This was expressly abandoned by Vatican II.” (Adista, Feb.
Debate: does Vatican II teach that non-Catholics may lawfully receive Holy Communion? Description: Heresies in Vatican Description: Catholic Saints Description: Heresies in Vatican An Introduction to False Ecumenism and some comments on Heretical Actions *Ecumenism is
Vatican II that has been done; it includes photos.
At the foot of the Vatican Hill lay the ancient Basilica of St. Peter. By extensive purchases of land the medieval popes acquired possession of the whole hill, thus preparing the way for building activity.
Nicholas III began building on the Vatican Hill a palace of extraordinary dimensions, which was completed by his immediate successors. He also secured land for the Vatican Gardens.
The origin of the name Vaticanus is uncertain; some claim that the name comes from a vanished Etruscan town called Vaticum. This district did not belong to ancient Rome, nor was it included within the city walls built by Emperor Aurelian.
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VATICAN CITY, 25 JUN 2011 (VIS) - Made public today was a Letter, written in Latin and dated 17 June, in ...
VATICAN CITY, 28 JUN 2011 (VIS) - A press conference was held this morning in the Holy See Press Office to ...
the Vatican → le Vatican Vatican City n → cité f du Vatican VAT man n (British) the VAT man inspecteur des impôts chargé du contrôle de la TVA VAT return n → formulaire m de déclaration de la TVA
Vaticann → Vatikan m; the Vatican Council → das Vatikanische Konzil; Vatican roulette (hum inf) → Knaus-Ogino(-Methode) f - Vatican n the Vatican → il Vaticano - Vatican → الفاتيكان Vatikán Vatikanet Vatikan Βατικανό Vaticano
VaticanVatican - the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican CityVatican PalaceCitta del Vaticano, Vatican City - the capital of the State of the Vatican City TranslationsVatican A. N the Vatican → el VaticanoB.
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The Vatican End is Near: - The Man Christ Jesus ascertains that He will unmask the corruption of the entire religious system which throughout the ages has used the Lord's name in vain to commit crimes against humanity.
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Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929. These were ratified on June 7th 1929.
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